What we do

MARHAM is involved in various activities that aim at rehabilitation of the homeless and mistreated in a way that it benefits the main stream society in addition to  providing the mainstream with an opportunity to get involved in social work. Some of the works that we do are as follows.

Rehabilitation Program

This story on MARHAM by Zee TV sums up the entire program of MARHAM’s Rehabilitation of the homeless. 

A decent routine, a shelter, clothes, skills, education, identity cards, sports, travelling, reuniting with the family and living with dignity. These are the things we try to give to the homeless we adopt.

Sab Ki Eid

Every year we celebrate Eid in the mainstream society and the celebrations last for weeks with meat preserved in our refrigerators.  At times, Muslims face trouble to keep Meat preserved for many days for consumption and residents living in well-established societies get fed up of consuming it. Couple of weeks after the Eid, the dustbins in the Muslim residential areas could be seen filled with rotten Meat as our home refrigerators are not capable to keep them fresh for weeks.
During the same week, the poor, the homeless, the ailing, the laborers, the orphans and the other destitute in the capital still sleep either empty stomach or having low quality meals.
MARHAM decided three years ago to provide a platform  to the Muslim brothers and sisters to include the needy in their celebration of the festival of sacrifice. We collect meat (only Mutton) from the main stream society and store it in our cold storage. And for the next one week or a fortnight we keep giving feasts to people living in/on the JJ clusters, Rain Baseras, recovery Shelters and Footpaths including them in our celebration. The poor are served properly with Dastarkhaan, Handkerchiefs, Water, and proper sitting arrangement giving them the respect every human being deserves on earth.

Garbage Management

MARHAM has started a Garbage Management program that involves educating the residents of certain localities on the importance and implementation of Garbage Segregation and Composting of Kitchen Waste. The Project also involves employing the homeless on Garbage management, Composting and Gardening.

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