Our Team (In alphabetic order)



Abu Sufiyan is a young energetic engineer from the walled city. He is the founder of the popular Facebook page ‘Purani Dilli Walo Ki Baatein’ that promotes the life, culture, cuisines monuments and heritage of the old city of Delhi. He has worked with Paytm and Google and supports MARHAM in its promotion with his technical knowledge. He is among the founding members of MARHAM.  


Faridul Haq Warsi is also known as the living Encyclopedia. If your Google stops working, Farid Warsi could be an alternate for the time being. With his immense knowledge in almost every field of life, he serves MARHAM as Patron. He is working as a Principal in an MCD School in Delhi. He was recently in limelight for changing the entire look of the school he was posted in. The school is said to have turned in to the most beautiful MCD School in Delhi. 


Farhan Baig is a lecturer in Zakir Hussain School. He is also a member of the governing council of Delhi Urdu Academy. Farhan is known for his great sense of humour and whenever the team is accompanied by him in any social venture, tiredness seems to be just a myth. 


Irtiza Quraishi is among the founding members of MARHAM. He is a former employ of American Express who quit his job to form MARHAM in 2013. He is also a free-lance Teacher and is seen teaching English Grammar in different institutes set up by various NGOs in Delhi. A graduate from Delhi University, Irtiza Quraishi has also learnt German Language from Goethe Institute New Delhi.


Jawwad Iqbal is a young enthusiastic Student actively involved in social work. He is among the first few members who supported the idea of MARHAM when it was merely a concept not being accepted by people believing it to be too difficult to execute. Jawwad  is also the treasurer of society MARHAM.


A post graduate in Bio Technology, Karan has interest in Camera. A philanthropist who was working at his own individual level to improve the life of the homeless, Karan Luthra met MARHAM’s team at Feel The Footpath’ event and has been with MARHAM ever since. He helps MARHAM in its video documentaries and also works as an advisor for the medical needs of the homeless. 


Khalid Khan is another selfless member of MARHAM who is always ready to give his time and energy for any initiative being taken to serve humanity. Khalid Khan has helped MARHAM by sharing his knowledge of cooking with the adopted boys of MARHAM. 


A successful businessman who now spends most of his time is serving the educational institutes in Old Delhi. He is the manager of Fatehpuri Senior Secondary School and is the most active member of Delhi Education Society that runs the oldest educational institution of India, the Anglo Arabic School. Most of the reforms that one sees in this school today have been brought by him. He is a Patron of MARHAM.


Liaquat Ali is an active member of MARHAM. He is a principal in a MCD School in Delhi and is associated with various NGOs. Liaquat Ali has been the backbone of MARHAM. He gave MARHAM the professional image by working on its paperwork and registration. He looks after all the paperwork and legal formalities of MARHAM.


Mohammad Naeem is the mentor who has inspired all of us to work for the social welfare. He is the President of Delhi youth Welfare Association, an organization which can without a doubt be said to be the parent organization of MARHAM. A great leader who keeps the team together and works as a catalyst for all the work being done in MARHAM. He is the Vice president of MARHAM. 


A businessman by profession, Mohd Taqi could be seen with almost all the non-profit organizations working in the walled city. With his great network, he tries to unite people working for the same cause separately. He is the Vice President of MARHAM. 


Mohammad Raahim looks after the media and Press release of MARHAM. He is working as a Content Editor with ETV Bharat. A very calm personality who silently completes all his assigned works without errors or delays. 


Dr. Sagheer Akhtar is a senior teacher in Mazhar ul Islam school. A social activist and a humble philanthropist who avoids being exposed for all the noble work he has been doing in Delhi.  In crucial decisions, almost all the NGOs and educational institutions that know Sagheer Akhtar, approach him to seek his advice trusting the unmatched wisdom he possesses. Dr. Sagheer Akhtar is a mentor and is MARHAM’s patron.


Saman is Social activist, a reformer and a PHD student from Jamia who is looking at Social activism Vis-à-vis the lense of Quantum Physics.  She has done her masters in Social work from TISS Mumbai.  She was a part of the national movement against corruption that was triggered by the rape of Nirbhaya in the moving bus. She was also among the founding members of Aam Aadmi Party and had written the manifesto of APP for the walled city. She later quit the party on some differences of opinions. 

Our Legal Advisors

Ayesha Jamal is a Delhi based lawyer. She holds a BA.LLB (Hons.) degree from O.P. Jindal Global University, Haryana, India and has had a brief stint at New York University, New York, USA where she studied Constitutional Law & the American Legal System. She is a graduate in Public Policy from the Takshashila Institute, Bangalore, India. She is presently a practicing advocate in the Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court of India. Her advocacy career spans over four years. Her areas of practice include Constitutional Law, social justice, RTI, human rights, minority rights, service matters and personal laws. She has been instrumental in seeking parity from the Government of India regarding the implementation of the National Register for Citizens in different states of the North-East. She is also engaged in pro bono litigation work. 

Ayesha Jamal

Anas Tanwir is a Delhi based lawyer. He holds a BA.LLB (Hons.) degree from Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University, Lucknow, India. He is presently a practicing advocate in the the Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court of India. His advocacy career spans over six years. He has served as a Convenor to the Legal Aid Committee, contributing his legal expertise to diverse practice areas such as free legal aid, RTI, human rights, child rights, consumer protection, alternate dispute resolution and juvenile justice among other fields.  He is a firm believer in enabling access to legal aid for the lesser endowed section of society. He has been at the forefront of the legal battle against mob lynching and has tirelessly supported (human) rights of those bona fide people termed as illegal immigrants in context of the National Register for Citizens being executed in the North East. Anas is also credited for helping establish the Mediation Center at his alma mater, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University, Lucknow, India.

Anas tanwir

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